Mexico Is the Perfect Getaway for the Rich and Famous

Over the last couple of years, Mexico has emerged as a premier destination for affluent people. This beautiful country offers everything from luxurious resorts to business opportunities and acts as a magnet for tourists. While there are plenty of things to see and do here, it is the stunning beaches of Cancun and Acapulco that attract most people. The accommodation options are vast, but those who want to make this the best Mexico vacation ever will choose the upscale resorts.

Cozumel Mexico

The Finest Things in Life Come at a Price

Regardless of budget and expectations, people are likely to spend quality time in Mexico. Tourists can find inexpensive accommodation and it’s relatively cheap to enjoy the wonders of local cuisine. However, those who want to make the most of their vacation will seek luxury accommodation in Mexico. These can set one back quite a bit, as the extraordinary resorts built over the last decade can be pretty expensive but offer great value.

Cancun is arguably the most popular vacation destination in Mexico, attracting tourists with its white sandy beaches and flawless design. It’s hardly a coincidence that it was built using computer models and has a reputation for being the ultimate entertainment hub in Mexico. People can catch some sun, swim in crystal-clear waters and enjoy the perks of a vibrant nightlife. The clubs are buzzing with enthusiastic partygoers from dusk till dawn, and there is always something going on that’s worth checking out.

Tempting as it might be to spend the entire vacation inside the luxurious resorts, tourists should definitely explore the surroundings. There are some amazing places to see nearby and visitors shouldn’t pass on the chance to interact with the friendly local people. Taking short trips to natural landmarks and sailing along the coast will allow travelers to get a better sense of what Mexico is all about. When venturing outside the security of resorts, tourists should take basic precautions, but there’s actually little to be concerned about.

Return Home with Some Amazing Memories

A day trip to Mexico City is definitely worth the effort and the time spent driving many hours. There are some amazing restaurants here where a tourist can eat like a king without spending too much money. Mexico is known for its markets where people can stock up on delicious food. It’s tasty, healthy and cheap, checking all the boxes,! The only downside is that market food is so good that it can get addictive.

Mexico has some great city parks, with Chapultepec Park being one of the most beautiful and also the largest. It is a great destination for families with children, as it incorporates the Mexico City Zoo, Atlantis, La Feria and the Museum of Anthropology. Visitors usually spend many hours here and some even return for a second visit, as the park has so much to offer. Those who are lucky enough as to travel to Mexico on November 1st or 2nd should participate in the colorful Day of the Dead festival.

Day of the Dead - Mexico

Spice Things up

While spending a couple of nights at the Ritz-Carlton Cancun and other exclusive resorts in Mexico can be expensive, visitors can also make money while on vacation. Land-based casinos help them turn the heat up a notch in the evening and hopefully win a juicy pay-check. There is no shortage of gaming options on the eastern coast of Mexico, so savvy players can actually return home with more money if they’re lucky!

If you want to make the money to get there, you can play online and take advantage of the numerous opportunities provided by Internet casinos. From the comfort of your home, players can book their accommodation and flights, while also playing casino games. The luckiest and most proficient of them can win more than enough so they don’t have to pay for the entire trip out of pocket.

Money Saving Tips when in Mexico

Living in luxury in Mexico usually comes with a high price tag, but expenses can be lowered by traveling off-season. Between April and early December, everything from food, accommodation, and airline tickets are less expensive. Another money saving idea would be choosing to venture inland rather than settle for the seaside resorts. This is also a better option for those who want to meet more locals and learn about Mexico firsthand.

Far away from the noisy nightlife of seaside resorts, Mexico has just as much to offer. Its big cities are a blend of cultures and help tourists get a better sense of the country’s fascinating history. Art and history buffs can visit the local museums or see a play in one of the numerous theaters. It’s hardly a surprise that many tourists fall in love with Mexico and return here the very next year. Securing the financial means becomes the only concern for returning tourists so hopefully these tips will help you cut down on costs!

Tourists who choose Mexico City as their destination should explore the the Zocalo, commonly referred to as the Plaza de la Constitucion. If adventure is what you seek then you should definitely visit a volcano, as Mexico has more than 30 of them. Another sprawling city is Guadalajara which is famous for its colonial streets, museums and vibrant nightlife. In the north of the Yucatan Peninsula you’ll find the Chichen Itza archaeological site, widely regarded as the best Mayan site nationwide.


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