Martinique is a beautiful island in the Caribbean with French flair and a never-ending summer. Whether you’re a family seeking a tropical getaway or a history buff intent on learning more about the island’s rich past, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Martinique. Thankfully, companies like Norwegian Air are making it very affordable for travelers looking to fly to this magnificent island. You’ll find rates as low as $79, with non-stop services to Fort-de-France out of New York, Boston, and Baltimore/Washington DC.

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Martinique’s cultural heritage is a fascinating one and there are plenty of ways to learn about it while you’re staying on the island. In 1685, King Louis VIV proclaimed “Le Code Noir” which was the legal framework for the removal of Africans from their homeland for the purpose of transporting them to work as slaves on the French sugar plantations in the Caribbean. This was just the beginning of a tumultuous 200+ years of slavery on the island of Martinique. Today, you are able to visit some of those plantations, like Le Domaine de Fonds Saint-Jacques, in order to learn what life was like on the island for those slaves and to pay your respects to those who suffered and fought against slavery. While it’s a dark history, it is one that should not be ignored.

Martinique is truly a land of tradition and culture, with a fascinating history of crafts which include renowned authors, poets, music and dance, lifestyle and gastronomy. There are plenty of places on the island where you can enjoy great music with Afro-Caribbean roots. Carnival runs every year towards the end of Feburary, and it’s a great way to experience Martinique’s vibrant culture.

One thing you must not miss out on is tasting the famous Martinican rum. Unlike other rums, it’s not made from “melasse” but uses the freshly pressed sugarcane juice instead. This juice, or “vesou”, gives it a sweeter, more complex flavor. Martinique’s rum is labeled AOC (Protected Designation of Origin), which gives it the same exclusive status like Champagne. Clement is the most expensive rum in the world and it comes from Martinique! Another popular drink on the island is coffee. The first coffee plant of the new world is from Martinique and dates back to 1723. Rest assured, you’ll be able to drink some of the best coffee in the world while vacationing in Martinique.

If you’re looking for a unique and fun place to stay, you must check out the Clear Bubble at Le Domaine des Bulles. This environmentally-friendly resort focuses on wellness and offers five bedrooms with quality amenities. You are essentially sleeping in a clear “bubble” room which should excite any nature lover and adventure seeker! Each bubble is surrounded by lush vegetation which offers guests a very tranquil and private experience.

Other than lounging on Martinique’s pristine beaches, there are plenty of outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy. I’d recommend hiking to La Fontaine de Didier, a stunning 100ft waterfall. It’s the perfect place for a photo op or a refreshing swim. You can also discover Mount Pelee on the northern end of Martinique, where you’ll find an active volcano! This is also the highest point of the island so you’ll be sure to experience some incredible views.

As I mentioned before, you have a chance to enter a sweepstakes giving away two round-trip tickets to Martinique! Click here to enter. Whether you win or not, I hope you consider traveling to the beautiful, historic, and unique Caribbean Island of Martinique.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Martinique Tourism Authority.


  1. How picturesque! Would really love to explore the country and its rich heritage. Fascinating to read about the coffee and rum culture. What about the food? Are there any local specialties worth investigating? Great article and will give the contest a go. Wish me luck!!

  2. Carmen Edelson

    Good luck, Rosemary! Their seafood is great so you can’t go wrong there. I’d also recommend Accra which is a type of fritter made with either seafood or vegetables.

  3. Siddhartha Joshi

    An island with never ending summer…well that got me hooked to the story right from the beginning 🙂
    Lovely post and some gorgeous picture here…

  4. Carmen Edelson

    Glad to hear it! Thanks, Siddhartha 🙂

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