Have you ever had the problem of vacationing in a new place, and having no idea where to go for great food? Or, on the other hand, have you ever had too many options, and not been sure which ones are worth a visit and which restaurants should be skipped over? Well, if you’re in Bali, fret about food no longer! Bali Food Safari is taking the stress out of dining with their nightly tours that will take you to the most decadent, delicious meals across the Bali landscape.

In the past decade Bali has developed its foodscape rapidly. There are now Michelin Star Chefs and 5 Star Resorts and Hotels with top-rated restaurants that bring celebrity chefs from all over the world to their venues. It’s a dream for any foodie, and Bali Food Safari takes you to the best of the best, sampling dishes from Balinese, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese cuisines along with the freshest produce.

Bali Food Safari Tours

Bali Food Safari Tours

Bali Food Safari Tours

In just one night, Bali Food Safari will take you on a guided tour to some of the most respected venues in the area. You can indulge in up to twelve tastings all in one evening, beginning at sundown and ending with dessert. As each tour is made-to-order and personalized, most diets and requests can be accommodated, and you never have to worry about sacrificing quality when making requests; each participating restaurant is assessed for quality of dishes, flavors and ambiance to give you the most luxurious tour possible.

Bali Food Safari Tours

Bali Food Safari Tours

Bali Food Safari Tours

Our vision is to introduce to travellers to the exceptional culinary landscape, with some of the most remarkable eateries in Bali,” says Simon Ward, Founder and Owner of Bali Food Safari. In one night on Bali Food Safari, you can discover a hidden gem, celebrated fine dining venue, a beachside hideaway, and a extravagant restaurant with the best food and sights on offer — all whilst being chauffeured in comfort,” he continues, “we take care of each and every detail.”

Bali Food Safari Tours

Bali Food Safari Tours

Bali Food Safari Tours

All that good food and no need to worry about transportation? Sounds like a dream come true. And with tours across several locations, such as Seminyak, Ubud, and Jimbaran, you can indulge again and again.

For more information, or to book a tour now, visit www.balifoodsafari.com


  1. These food tours are everywhere now. Every big city every country you go to. Food tourism is on the rise and these cities/countries love to showcase their local produce. cool video

  2. I agree food tours are on the raise in every country. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do when we visit somewhere new.

  3. Suze - Luxury Columnist

    Whilst we were in Bali, some of the other members of our group took part in this food safari. It was a shame that we didn’t get the opportunity to attend but it’s a good concept

  4. Hopefully, next time you go to Bali, you’ll have time to take the tour.

  5. I agree, all that food, great ambiance without having to worry about transportation. This was definitely worth it.

  6. It gives you a chance to explore all the good restaurants and sample some of the food without worrying about how to get there.

  7. AcrossCities

    I often have that problem. Sometimes I just choose not to be overly concerned about where to eat. But having this options to have a “restaurant sampler” is a good idea too!

  8. I’ve done a few food tours and we have thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

  9. Carmen,
    Its really a great post where you have made it so easy for us to search for credible food join in Bali.
    Food safari is a great concept to exlore a place. In Delhi, i am soon going to attend one. And foodie in me wants to organize such food walks for others.
    A great post indeed.

  10. I think its a great concept when your visiting a new place to explore all the restaurants in the area. Food tours are the way to go.

  11. Angie Silver (@SilverSpoonLDN)

    I recognise one of those desserts! We had it at Cuca ???? We didn’t do this in Bali but it’s a great idea.
    Lots of love,
    AngieSilverSpoon London

  12. Well you’ll have to put it on your list of things to do next time you’re in Bali. ????

  13. If one is unsure about the food…a food tour is a good way to go. Good to know about the mix of cultures in Bali! Looks like a fun experience!

  14. I like that they take you to different types of restaurants, not just the usual ones.

  15. I really like these pictures. Beautiful food, looks very tasty. Great post.

  16. I really enjoy taking pictures of food, and seeing pictures of different foods from around the world.

  17. Wow 12 tastings, that can really fill you up and you’ll see a lot of cool venues, what a fun way to explore some popular spots in Bali

  18. That’s why they suggest you go with an empty stomach. It does fill you up.

  19. Bethaney - Flashpacker Family

    I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy the food in Indonesia immensely when I visited a few years ago. I found everything really greasy and always topped with a fried egg which I hate. However, the food you’ve shared here doesn’t look like that at all! I’ll have to look this up when we’re next in Bali.

  20. That’s a shame that you had bad experience with the food in Indonesia. I really love the whole concept, it’s a great way to experience 4 restaurants in a night, especially if your an adventurer and like to try new venues.

  21. This sounds amazing! We did a “food safari” in Fiji, but it was more the type that you forage for your food in nature (with their help of course) and bring it back to the hotel and cook it local style. It was amazing, but this sounds pretty great too!

  22. I’ve heard of those styles of food tours where you have pick your own vegetables and herbs, and then cook with what you picked. It sounds interesting too.

  23. Good tours are amazing! Theyve been getting more and more abundant recently, which has only upped the quality. It’s a great way to see a place!

  24. It certainly gives you a chance to taste some meals in restaurants that you might not otherwise.

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